Wordpress logoWordpress is a well-established Content Management System (CMS). It was originally designed as a blogging system, and can still successfully be used for that purpose, as it produces easy to use RSS feeds and an excellent commenting system. However, it has grown to include static pages and menu systems, so it is now often used as a fully fledged CMS. It is open source. This means it costs nothing to obtain, and can be adapted to the users' needs, with the provisor that new, improved code should be made available freely to the rest of the Wordpress community. Wordpress is developed by teams of volunteers.

Open Source does not imply that it cannot be sold. Many developers have taken the basics from Wordpress, then tweaked them for their own purposes and sold the end result. The customer is buying the developer's tweaks, and his time, and an honest developer will make that known.

Wordpress developers have been careful to separate the delivery of content from the design elements, known as the “themes”. Wordpress themes completely change the appearance of the site, but not the content. There are many sophisticated themes available for Wordpress, both open source and commercial. Again, each of these themes can be tweaked.

My “webbox” packages are tweakings of Wordpress. The Wordpress system is so well established, and works so well, with such an easy-to-follow backend for administering the site, that it seems sensible to build very inexpensive websites based on this platform. Therefore, the webbox packages listed on this site start with a Wordpress installation. You could, as I have pointed out elsewhere, do everything that I do for you yourself, for free. You are not paying for the Wordpress package – if I were to program you a new CMS from scratch, you would be paying at least $2,000 and probably more. You are paying for my time in organizing and altering the Wordpress content to suit your needs, which is how I can offer packages for just a couple of hundred bucks.