I love Wordpress. I have built this site with it, and all my major sites – Mount St Helens Creation Center, and Just Six Days.

Wordpress is an open source system, built with PHP and MySQL. These are the technologies that I love playing with, so it made sense to me to start learning how to put together Wordpress plugins and themes. For a while, my most adventurous plugin was just one that changed the greeting on the admin pages.

Now, however, I have some more interesting items, such as the Creation Caching plugin, which allows for a new post type to display caches (similar to geocaches). Another plugin in development stage is the Newsbox Shortcode plugin, which will enable little snips of news easily to be inserted in pages and posts.

I also have 2 theme projects. Dewi was a theme born out of necessity, when another theme I was using was updated in a way that did not work for my site. Qoholet, which I imagine will take a lot longer to develop, is a brand new theme developed from scratch, using the Underscores starter theme.

I hope you like these themes and plugins!

All my newer themes and plugins are being developed and stored on the Github platform. It has become obvious that the Wordpress.org repositories have far to long a waiting list these days to make them useful. In view of this, I am making my themes and plugins updateable via the GitHub Updater plugin. You should install this plugin, in order to get the best out of my themes and plugins. Without the Github Updater, you will not be able to take advantage of automatic updates.

As an optional extra, get hold of the Github Link plugin. This places little icons by your plugins to show whether they are updated by Wordpress or by Github. It also includes a couple of other possibilities.