Website Packages

Web Box Basic

Most of my website packages use the Wordpress open source content management system. Wordpress is open source software, which means that it is developed by volunteers, and costs nothing. You could therefore put the site together yourself for free. You are paying me to get the initial programming up and running, and initial tweaks, after which you will service it yourself. If I were to program a site from scratch, using the same technologies as Wordpress (HTML, CSS, MySQL and PHP), all of which I know and understand, it would cost in excess of $10,000, and take months to produce. By using customized versions of Wordpress, you get a good working site very quickly, for minimal cost.

You need to purchase a domain name and webhosting for your site. You can easily do this yourself, cheaply. If you want me to set this up for you, I will do it. See costs below. However, you will still be responsible for the annual renewals of domain name and hosting.

Prices: I have checked the market carefully, and my prices are a little over half what you will pay at many other agencies. Here are the inexpensive packages that I am selling. The prices are approximate, not guaranteed. This is because everyone has special requirements for their website, which might take longer to program. The approximate prices are based on the hours required, working at $50 per hour.

Web Box Basic
Web Box Basic

Webbox Basic – $800

This involves an installation of Wordpress. I will add up to five initial pages of content, that you supply, as a starter for the site. The site will be programmed with initial categories. I will also install a free* theme of your choice, and tweak it to your specifications, including company logo. Unless otherwise requested, the free theme will be based on our own Qohelet core theme, with minimal tweaking.

*There are free themes and commercial themes for Wordpress. I will happily install a commercial theme for you, if you so choose, and will merely add on the cost, plus $50 for an hour “tweaking” the theme (please note that some commercial themes require a lot more behind the scenes “tweaking”, and I will advise you of that, if I need to do more than an hour's work, before you pay for the theme). So, if the commercial theme costs $75, then I will charge you $925 (= $800 + $75 + $50) for the site. Fair? Or you could purchase the theme yourself, transfer it to me and let me program it in, in which case there is just the hour's charge from me.

Webbox Basic Plus – $830

As Webbox Basic, but with a copy of the book Wordpress for Dummies* supplied, with some notes in the site's admin section, to guide you towards the relevant parts of the book.

Webbox Premier – $1500

This option involves considerable programming of a custom theme, based on our Qohelet core theme. There will usually also be the researching of suitable plugins for your site, some of which may need to be purchased, but many of which will be programmed, or edited for you.


Half-Day Backend Training Course – $200

A three-hour training course in how to administer the site, for up to five participants. A three-ring binder of course notes is supplied. A full-day course for the same number is $350.

Webbox Premier Plus – $ask

As Webbox Premier, but including some of the following, by negotiation:

Based on information from yourself about your company or organization, I will search for suggested themes and plugins that you might need. I will install those that you choose. This package will also include secondary security for your site, using Google Authenticator. I will also enable the multi-site option in Wordpress, so that you can have a personal blog. Part of the training course will include how to add further personal blogs, if you require other staff to have them.

All the above packages can include any content and images (photos and graphics) that you supply. I will also advise on other options, such as video hosting options, and social media integration. Most of these extra options can be put together by your organizations for free, but I can also set these things up for you, and show you how to continue them, for a reasonable fee, depending on the time involved. I will not, however, be able to offer ongoing services, such as regular social media integration or search engine optimization.

Ask for quotes for further options. I can program custom themes, if required, but please understand that this is time-consuming and may take a couple of weeks to do. I can also program and install other open source CMS systems for you, such as Joomla (for large, complex corporate websites) and osCommerce (for webstores).

These packages are meant to be sold as packages, and do not include ongoing maintenance of the site, which is why several of the options include an element of training. I do not provide hosting facilities for these sites.

Extra Costs

Extra costs include

  • The cost of buying the domain name for you (approximately $20, varying with type and availability). This is an annual charge.
  • Cost of hosting the site – usually about $75 per year. This is also an annual charge.
  • Cost of maintaining the site. This includes routine updating of themes, plugins and core modules. It does not include extensive re-programming. Routine maintenance is an annual charge of $100 per year. Note that the maintenance cost MUST be included, if we are also hosting the site, as it is a risk to our other sites, if our servers are including an unmaintained website.

All costs that you will incur will be provided upfront for the customer in an invoice. A non-returnable deposit of 33% of the invoice cost will be required to be paid before work commences. The remainder will be paid within 30 days of the final invoice, provided on satisfactory completion of the project. The annual costs will be dated from the day of the first invoice, and are due for renewal 12 months later. Note that we are charged by our hosting company if we have to renew late, so if the annual charges agree are not paid on time, it will be necessary to add a 25% surcharge, if the charges are paid within 3 months. If annual charges are not paid within 3 months of the expiry of the agreement, the site will be deleted.

*I am producing my own textbook, to explain the administration of a Wordpress site. When this book is complete, I will substitute it for the Wordpress for Dummies book.