Qohelet theme

The theme Qohelet began when I needed to work on a brand new website. This website made extensive use of the Creation Cache plugin that I had already written. So, I needed to write a brand new theme from scratch, as I couldn't find a theme that did all that I wanted it do.

When I say “from scratch”, I don't really mean from point zero. I started with a developer's theme called Quark. This theme was itself built from the excellent Wordpress starter theme, Underscores (-s). The author of Quark had also included several other important technologies; notably Options Framework, to store theme options, Normalize, for cross-browser compatibility, and Modernizr, to detect a browser's HTML5 and CSS3 capabilities. Quark also contains styling from HTML5 Boilerplate, in order to establish up-to-date device responsivity. So, all these technologies found their way into my Qohelet theme. I edited some of the Options Framework code, in order to ensure that i could use the framework in child themes. The edited code can be found here. Most of my subsequent themes have been either built from Qohelet, or built as child themes of Qohelet. In version 1.4, I incorporated the code from the Kirki plugin, because this enables me to write new panels into the Wordpress Customizer. Although i have not yet made use of this ability in Qohelet itself, the idea is to transfer the capability to child themes, and I am currently writing such panels into the Columcille child theme.

As with my Wordpress projects, the code is being stored in GitHub. If you want to try helping, you would be very welcome, but please fork the code, so that we can all be clear what is going on. Qohelet will be automatically updated, if you also install the Github Updater plugin.



It was originally intended to have a slider as part of this theme. However, I decided to develop the slider separately as a plugin.

Child Themes

I am working on the development of some child themes for Qohelet, which will have different levels of functionality.