Oldcastle theme
Oldcastle is the name of the theme being used to power this website.

When I decided to upgrade the Oldcastle Web Solutions website, I realized that we needed a new theme. And I realized that the theme had to be a demonstration of what we can do with this web development agency. So, the obvious name for the new theme created was – Oldcastle. The theme is built around the Qohelet theme.

Oldcastle is a fully responsive theme for Wordpress. It is an adaptation of my basic Qohelet theme, designed for a client who is an actor. The Qohelet theme itself was built on the shoulders of giants, utilizing a number of other technologies, such as: 1. The Quark starter theme by Anthony Horton. 2. Quark is in turn built upon Underscores by Automattix. 3. Quark utilizes Normalize, Modernizr and Options Framework. 4. Many other smaller amounts of other technologies have been incorporated, so that I did not re-invent the wheel.

The code is held at Github. If you want to try helping, you would be very welcome, but please fork the code, si that we can all be clear what is going on.