OCWS Themes

This is the page where Wordpress Themes designed by Old Castle Web Solutions will be made available.

I have a small number of child themes for major design themes, which I will start to make available here. If I post a child theme for a Premium theme, this does not spoil their sales, because the child theme simply will not work unless you purchase and install the main theme.


This is a fully fledged theme, constructed from a number of existing parts. Read more…


A brand new responsive theme, being constructed from the Underscores starter theme. Read more…


This theme has been developed for magazine sites, and is used on the Strong Tower Ministries website. It uses the Options Framework extensively. Read more…

OCWS Spacious

This is a child theme for the theme Spacious, produced by ThemeGrill. Spacious is a responsive theme, which looks good on all platforms and devices. However, it lacks support for WooCommerce.


In OCWS Spacious I have added support for WooCommerce. I have also added a “marquee” to display the headlines of a few news / blog headings. This is fully standards compatible. Unlike marquee plugins that I have seen, it does not use the deprecated marquee tag. The coding is set to display just one category of posts. This is coded into the functions.php file, though I expect to be able to include this in the theme’s option page.

Another added feature is a row of Social Media Icons at the top right of the screen. At the moment, the urls for these have been coded into the functions.php file, though they are easy to edit. However, subsequent editions will add these to the theme’s option page in admin, for greater convenience.

It is also possible, if I get enough time, that the two features above will be removed from the theme and turned into a plugin.

The latest edition of this child theme is 1.0.1. It can be downloaded here, but it first requires the installation of the main Spacious theme.

Note: The OCWS Spacious Child Theme is now largely redundant, after the development of the Dewi theme above.


Download the file. In your Wordpress Dashboard, proceed to Appearance > Themes, then proceed to “Add New”. Use the Upload Theme button, and browse o find the file. Click install – then click activate.

Remember, this theme cannot work if you have not first installed the regular Spacious theme from ThemeGrill.