Special Coffee Offer for May 2012

Drowsy Poet Gift Card

Drowsy Poet Gift CardSpecial Offer for May 2012!

The first two customers, who pay a 20% deposit for one of our websites, will receive a $10 Drowsy Poet Gift Card for use in the Brent Lane, Pensacola branch.

To claim your gift card, get in touch and we will discuss your website needs. When you have decided to get one of our websites, and have paid the deposit (usually 20%), you will receive $10 Gift Card for the best coffee that you have ever tasted!

The Drowsy Poet is both a brand of coffee and a chain of coffee shops in and around Pensacola, FL. Their main site is on Brent Lane, Pensacola, and is fortuitously in walking distance of where I live. In my opinion, they produce the very best coffee you can drink. But I am not the only one who thinks that. Some months ago, I was at an event, at which the Drowsy Poet owner was also present, and for which he had provided free coffee. I was getting myself a coffee, and the lady in front of me in the queue, who was visiting the area, and not known to any of us, said to me “I can't get enough of this coffee. It's the best coffee I have ever tasted!” She was delighted that I was able to point her towards the owner of the company that made the coffee.

Of course, these $10 gift cards will not just buy you the very best coffee. If you sit inside the café, you can also soak up the wonderful relaxing atmosphere.

Remember this offer is limited to May 2012, and there are just two gift cards, for the first two customers to pay me their deposit for their websites. Contact me for details!

* Please note that I have purchased these Gift Cards for this purpose and their use in this promotion does not imply that they endorse the products that I sell, against those of any other web development agency. But they do make the very best coffee!