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secure-coding-phpI recently launched my new Creation Cache plugin, that enables you to create, store and display caches, similar to those on websites sch as, or In the spirit of open source development, I revealed all code, and made all my development files available at GitHub. I did not expect thousands of contributions – but neither did I expect zero!

That's right. No one has contacted me about the plugin. Not even – well over a week after I submitted the plugin to their repository.

I know that the plugin is not perfect. I know that there are some other features that would be useful or desirable. But I think I need some others in the Open Source php community to have a look. I am not going to be able to find, let alone correct, all the bugs necessary.

I am beginning to think that it might be months before Wordpress get back to me. And when they do, they will almost certainly have found an insoluble problem. I think I am going to have to proceed to version 1.0 on my own, and concentrate solely on development by GitHub. I have been reading a lot of other coding blogs which are expressing dissatisfaction with the official Wordpress plugin repository, but there doesn't seem to be a workable alternative at the moment.

Please remember, I am still open to comments on the code for this plugin. I will always be open to comments. Please comment here, or just email me.


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  1. Edward Brodie

    Shame you didn;t get any response for your plugin.
    I’ve been looking for a plugin that allows users to ‘Check-in’ on my site at pre-defined locations for a motorcycle version of goecaching where riders travel to the ‘caches’ and can earn points when they check in on the website.
    Unfortunately I’m not a coder though.

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