OCW Plugins

This is the page where Wordpress Plugins designed by Old Castle Web Solutions will be made available.

To install these plugins – download the zip files to your computer. Then access the Plugin panel in your dashboard, and go to Add New -> Upload. Use the button to navigate to the plugin zip file, then click Install. Activate the plugin on installation.

OCWS Options Export and Import

This plugin will take a look at your theme, whether it be a parent or child theme, and will read the options settings for it. These options settings can then be saved to your computer. In reverse, you can upload an options settings file, in order to restore options to your theme.

OCWS Slider

This plugin creates a responsive jQuery slider, by using a Custom Post Type. It has been built on the Nivo jQuery platform.

OCWS Admin Bar Greeting

This plugin sorts out that irritating greeting at the right of the admin bar. This plugin has now been accepted as an official plugin on the site, so can be installed directly from the admin pages just by searching and finding.

OCWS Creation Cache

This plugin creates a geocache-like facility on your website. You can create, display and edit creation Caches – and even change the name of the cachetype!

Walking the Dog

This plugin installs a widget called 'Walking the Dog'. This widget contains buttons to subscribe to the podcast 'Walking the Dog' by RSS or by iTunes. Also included is a special player for listening to the podcasts.

OCWS Admin Bar

This plugin adds extra functionality to your admin bar, so that OCWS features can easily be reached.

OCWS Image Widget

This plugin adds a new widget to your Wordpress installation, called 'OCWS Image Widget'. This widget is a very basic widget that allows an image to be added. Currently, it requires the URL for the image to be added to the widget form, and then the image is just displayed at 100% of the width of the widget. Further refinements are necessary: 1. A means to upload a new image to assign to the widget. 2. The ability to resize the image so that it is about the right width for the widget.

OCWS Shortcode Newsbox

This plugin creates a shortcode, indicated by [newsbox]. This shortcode can have a number of attributes, including nbcolor and nbbgcolor, which are the text and background colors respectively. The plugin is in development only, and is not really ready for download. However, you will find the code on this next page. Feel free to copy it and make of it what you will.

Coming Soon…

Coming soon! A post navigation plugin.