OCWS Creation Cache

The Creation Cache Plugin allows the creation and display of Creation Caches, which are like Geocaches(TM) or OpenCaches. I have used the term Creation Cache, but the user can change this in a configuration file to any name they like (ocws-creationcache-config.php). The plugin has now reached the magical version number 1.0.0.


When you have downloaded the plugin, just install it in the usual way, by selecting Plugins > Add New. You can then upload the plugin and activate it. You will now find the new page type (Creation Caches) available in your dashboard.

Further Information

The plugin probably still needs a few tweaks, so please report any bugs to me. Instead of downloading the plugin from the link above, you may prefer to download it from the GitHub Repository at https://github.com/pftaylor61/ocws-creationcache


You can also make the plugin easily updateable. To do this, all you need to do is download and install the GitHub Updater, which is available at: https://github.com/afragen/github-updater.

Edit the Plugin

The plugin produces a new custom post type, called Creation Cache. You can change the name of the caches to anything else that you would like, just by editing the configuration file. Find these pieces of code below, and edit them with the names that you would like to use.

/* These constants can be amended for personal choice */
/* ================================================== */define(“CCNAME_SG”,”Creation Cache”); // Change 'Creation Cache' for the singular term for your caches
define(“CCNAME_PL”,”Creation Caches”); // Change 'Creation Caches' for the plural term for your caches
define(“CCNAME_ACT”,”Creation Caching”); // Change 'Creation Caching' for the activity present participle for your caches
define(“CCSLUG”,”creationcache”); // Change creationcache for the slug used for your caches
define(“CCVERSION”,”0.11″); // Set the version number
define(“CC_LOGO16″,”celticcross16x16.png”); // Set this to the 16×16 logo that you want. Copy this logo into the plugin's image subfolder
define(“CC_LOGO80″,”celticcross80x80.png”); // Set this to the 80×80 logo that you want. Copy this logo into the plugin's image subfolder
define(“CC_PRFX”,”MSHCC_”); // This is the prefix for the Creation Cache code