Newsbox Shortcode Plugin

I am working on a new plugin. This is not as big as the Creation Cache plugin, but I am hitting a couple of problems. The purpose of the plugin is to supply little news announcements which can be placed on certain pages – especially the home page – and edited and switched on or off at will. These news announcements will be placed by means of shortcodes.

As I want a few shortcodes available, I have set a new custom post type for each newsbox. I need to limit the amount of text which is stored. The problem I am having at the moment is getting the post-meta information to save.

If anyone wants to have a look at the code, it is being stored on GitHub at:

It should be emphasized that the plugin is not yet in a shape to actually do anything useful. It will not damage your installation, if you use it, but nor will it do anything yet. But feel free to look at it, and install on to a test installation, if you wish.

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