Excellent Responsive Theme

OCWS Bushwick Theme
OCWS Bushwick Theme
OCWS Bushwick Theme

A quick search of the internet told me what the best responsive theme was. I wanted to create a new website for the 7 Wonders Museum where I now work.

The best responsive theme was said to be Bushwick, created by James Dinsdale of Molovo. It works wonderfully.

It has two snags – one little, one big.

The little snag is that the drop-down part of the navigation menu does not work on touch-screen devices, like tablets and phones. This was easily solved. I simply installed the WP Sitemap Page plugin.

The big snag was that the theme would not display the WooCommerce plugin shop correctly. This was a mega-problem, as the WooCommerce plugin is the best ecommerce solution.

Fortunately, the WooThemes site had the documentation. So I have been able to amend the Bushwick theme to work properly with Woocommerce, and I offer this to you now as a child theme, OCWS Bushwick. You must get hold of the original Bushwick first, install it, then install my child theme.

Hope it works well for y'all.

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