Creation Cache Plugin 1.0.0

The Creation Cache plugin has now matured enough for the official release of Version 1.0.0!

I am not saying that it is perfect – there are still a few things I would like to iron out. However, it not only works well now, but it looks pretty good, now that I have made some cosmetic changes.

The main changes are that the cache-type taxonomy elements can now have images associated with them. These images are displayed in the archive and single templates, and also in the admin sections.

Wordpress are clearly still having issues getting plugins registered with their repository, so this plugin will remain in the Github repository. Automatic updates can still be had, by installing the Github Update plugin.

Try out the Creation Cache Plugin now.

Visit the Mount St Helens Creation Center website, to see the plugin in action – and buy some cool bargains in the store, while you are there!

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