A Child Theme for Atahualpa

I like the Atahualpa theme (available from BytesForAll). It is a highly extensible theme. I use it on my personal blog site, Just Six Days.

There is, however, one rather irritating feature of the Atahualpa theme. When you run the automatic update routine, it deletes all the header images that you have carefully put together, in order to customize the theme. As I say, this is unbelievably irritating. Hopefully, the BFA programmers will address this soon, and my temporary solution will be redundant.

However, I have found a temporary solution, by discovering child themes. A child theme uses all the functionality of the parent theme, but just allows the developer to override a few features. In this case, the development of a child theme has enabled me to reference header images, which will stay in the child theme folder. Yet, all the useful admin functionality of the original theme remains.

As the Atahualpa theme is open source, released under the GNU General Public License v2.0, I am duty bound to release my child theme in a similar way. So here it is. Remember, Atahualpa must be installed to your Wordpress application first and activated. Then you can install this JustSixDays_ch theme and activate it. The initial Atahualpa installation and activation is essential, as Atahualpa writes elements to your database, which would not be present if you simply try to install my child theme.

Well, I hope it's useful! To download it, click the button below.